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Products, plastic-free & the fast life

It’s Plastic-Free July. And I’ve got my reusable cup, but it’s just a jar.One of the traps I think we can fall into is productising the fast life, just with nicer materials. What I want to do in the shop is turn back time about a hundred years in terms of...

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Generating Business Ideas

As I typed out the title of this segment, I mistyped it as Generating Business Ideals. And really that’s true too.Picking a card on this topic, I received the archetype of the Prostitute from the Caroline Myss deck. It’s an archetype we all grapple with....

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One year ago today

One year ago today, I paid my first week's rent at 20 Tahi Road, on the punt that if I felt that Waiheke Island needed an organic shop, other people would too. It's been a big year. My original concept was to connect the material aspects of living truly sustainably,...

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