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Radial structures

St John's wort, plant of light - we think of it as a remedy for depression, but how much more poetic and inspiring is Charlotte Du Cann's description, from her book '52 Flowers that shook my world' - "St. John’s wort is one of the great sun plants: a...

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Big health

So Greenspace is an art project, a social sculpture, a gallery and studio. It’s an organic shop, a workshop space, a place for my community to gather and explore the connections between all layers of nourishment. As a contemporary artist, my training...

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[Foreign Correspondent Penelope Brown reporting from the sunny south] Hello dear readers… I too have joined the MWM2M (Mass Waiheke Migration to Motueka). And like many people who uproot themselves from a familiar and loved place I was in a sorry state...

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