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5G and the real world

I received a text message from my network provider a few days ago trying to get me excited about their 5G rollout in December. I checked out the more info link and discovered that with 5G I could now get instant online reviews of a product while out...

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Can dairying ever be ethical and sustainable?My grandfather was a dairy farmer in Mangawhai, farming 40 cows to make a modest living for his entire working life. I don't know in depth the farming practices he used, but I get a very strong feeling that when...

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Rubbish roundup

So it's August now and time to evaluate how #plasticfreejuly went... I made it through with the coffee jar - not a single takeaway cup was sacrificed for my coffee habit in July 2019, yay! Feels like I am in the groove now, but as always I will have to be...

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